The Funk and Your Destiny in 2023

With the new year having begun and so many promises of God that were released for 2023, what do we do when we begin to feel like it is all impossible?

What do we do when we feel the funk?

What do we do when we wake up feeling depressed, hopeless, sorrowful, apathetic and wanting to quit before it has even begun?  What do we do when the things that God has spoken over your life are hard to believe?

I’m asking because I’m processing this too.

Well…first. Rebel.

Not against God.  Rebel against the funk.  The devil is a LIAR!  I hate him.  Sometimes, however, we momentarily fall victim to his schemes.  Because the feelings seem real.  The funk seems real.  For goodness sake, it’s always easier to quit. But to fight?  That takes strength.  That takes surrender.

Secondly, talk honestly to God. Don’t hide your emotions from him.  He knows the struggles we walk through down here and the assault that is on our destiny.  Jesus understands us completely and has conquered everything we will ever need to conquer.  So, he is an open door.  An open lap.  An open ear.  He is the ultimate encourager.  Let him fill you, heal you, remind you what he has said about you and your 2023.  Forget the devil.  He’s a loser.

Lastly, treat your life and the plan of God for your life just as valuable as you do others.  The same way you have faith for others, have faith for yourself.  God is working it all out.  Trust him that you will have the strength to take the steps of faith necessary for the journey ahead. You don’t need to have it all figured out right now.

And it goes without saying but say it I shall.  The word of God. 

Use the word of God to encourage yourself. Psalm 119:105 says “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”  His word illuminates our path and shows us the way.

Oh, and worship.  In all times.  Rest, pray, worship and treasure the Word of God.

He’s got you.  He’s got me.  Now, chin up warrior.  It’s time to fight. 

Love you in the Lord. Happy 2023!!!!

4 thoughts on “The Funk and Your Destiny in 2023

  1. Wow!! Such an awesome, encouraging word from the Lord for 2023!! Thank you Kathleen for your tender spirit and your obedience to speak words of truth and life🙌🙌❤️❤️


  2. Thank you for sharing this sublime message for 2023.
    Encouring words from psalm 119. Jesus will illuminate our path for this new season in 2023.


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