Love Starved

NOTE: This was written as a message given to a Special Needs Parent group on love. The Holy Spirit met us there and modified it to meet the needs in the group that day. We have a special needs daughter as well. Be blessed as you read. God loves you so much! I don’t knowContinue reading “Love Starved”

“I’m Dealing With the Demonic”

****I fully intended to present this only to the prayer team this week, but the Lord is insisting that I tell you too. I will obey. So, I pray in Jesus Name that this would be a timely encouragement in your life as you stand for righteousness and continue to intercede for revival where youContinue reading ““I’m Dealing With the Demonic””

The Funk and Your Destiny in 2023

With the new year having begun and so many promises of God that were released for 2023, what do we do when we begin to feel like it is all impossible? What do we do when we feel the funk? What do we do when we wake up feeling depressed, hopeless, sorrowful, apathetic and wantingContinue reading “The Funk and Your Destiny in 2023”