Love Starved

NOTE: This was written as a message given to a Special Needs Parent group on love. The Holy Spirit met us there and modified it to meet the needs in the group that day. We have a special needs daughter as well. Be blessed as you read. God loves you so much! I don’t knowContinue reading “Love Starved”

“I’m Dealing With the Demonic”

****I fully intended to present this only to the prayer team this week, but the Lord is insisting that I tell you too. I will obey. So, I pray in Jesus Name that this would be a timely encouragement in your life as you stand for righteousness and continue to intercede for revival where youContinue reading ““I’m Dealing With the Demonic””

The Funk and Your Destiny in 2023

With the new year having begun and so many promises of God that were released for 2023, what do we do when we begin to feel like it is all impossible? What do we do when we feel the funk? What do we do when we wake up feeling depressed, hopeless, sorrowful, apathetic and wantingContinue reading “The Funk and Your Destiny in 2023”

Strategies for Revival – Prologue

We are on the cusp of revival.  There are pockets of it already.  I just saw an amazing post of a tent revival that happened in Colorado Springs back in July.  The double rainbow in the sky was incredibly awesome as the people worshipped and encountered the Lord.  Here is the link for the testimonyContinue reading “Strategies for Revival – Prologue”


I don’t know when the last time was when I really thought about the time when the three Jewish boys were thrown into the fiery furnace.  The other day it was brought up in prayer as a friend and I were praying.  Yesterday, I began to think about this again.  The highlight of the storyContinue reading “STANDING AGAINST FEAR, IDOLS AND FALSE GODS”


To the glory of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. All praise to you, the Most High God, for giving us life. Every breath is from you. Alleluia. There is power in the Name of Jesus and the world is about to see again the power of his Name. This is me. InvitingContinue reading “LET THE MOCKERS BE SILENCED”


WARNING: Intimate post below. Has supernatural aspects and is meant to encourage you in the faith.  ****Oftentimes, as we begin to wake up in the morning hours are transitioning between consciousness and unconsciousness, in those moments we do not even know what day it is or what is going on around us quite yet. ItContinue reading “IS THERE ANY GREATER LOVE?”


This morning I was touched by a powerful word and challenge given by Christy Johnston on YouTube. Her word confirmed many things the Lord has been speaking to me recently, therefore, I am compelled to write. There is a strong word of encouragement at the end of her video. To watch her word, scroll below.Continue reading “ROE VS. WADE”


I am so in awe of our Lord. He’s amazingly humble and kind. And in the same breath, the MIGHTIEST Warrior of all time. A couple days ago, as I was outside painting the manger my friend’s husband made for our upcoming children’s Christmas program, I was praying outloud. As I was saying the sentence,Continue reading “DANGEROUS LOVE”


Yes, a blank slate. A brand-new portion of my life began about three and a half years ago when I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. If you’d like to know what that is, click here. He has made my life very exciting, challenging and faith-building as I am learning to walk in hisContinue reading “A NEW ME, A NEW YOU”