Okay, I have to be honest. I’ve never surfed in my life. And my family will tell you I barely get my feet wet when we go to the ocean. Why? Because there are animals in there. Ha.

So, why would I be talking about riding a wave? I’ll tell you why, and I’d venture to say that it’s going to be more fun than the ‘real deal.’ Because as you begin to grow in the Spirit, the things of the Spirit bring more of a thrill than the things of the world.

It was May 2018 when I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Soon after that, I began to hear the voice of God more clearly.  Through scripture. Through songs.  Through personal words for myself and personal words for others, to the glory of his Name.

I speak of such things because I want to make a public, prophetic declaration.  Although I have prophesied this many times over in my own private prayer time and with my close group of praying friends, I do believe that now it has arrived.  And with intensity it shall continue.

What has arrived, you say? The WAVE. The wave is here. The wave of God’s love and glory.

This is the word I received from the Lord on 2/15/19 – “There is a great wave of love coming to flood the earth with my power, grace and peace. Receive it now.”

A great wave of LOVE.  God’s love.  Jesus’ love.  The Holy Spirit’s love. Supernatural love.

A wave of love with the intention of transformation.

Habakkuk 2:14 (KJV) says, “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”

I was too young, in the sense of it all being so new, to know that others had prophesied of a “tsunami wave” going to hit the world with the glory of God.  Not an actual tsunami, but one of the Spirit.  The wave of glory coming in order to bring in the harvest.  So, when I read that others had gotten a similar word from the Lord I was excited. I included a confirmation link below from YouTube.

Over the last few years, as the Holy Spirit would show me colors in the spirit of a swirl of blue and green, I would prophesy this word back to the Lord and agree with what he wants to do in the earth.  It’s his harvest anyway.  We are the ones who get the privilege to work in his field. (see Matthew 9:37-38)

And I will say, with our natural eyes, we will not be able to see these things right away.  You must ask the Holy Spirit to awaken you.  To open your eyes. To walk by faith.  Reject the spirit of fear that is being cast out from the news sources.  Fix your eyes on Jesus.  He’s the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

Although you might not see it yet with your own eyes, I ask that you engage with faith and begin to prophesy it with your own mouth. Prophesy from Isaiah.

Isaiah 44:3 (NKJV) –

For I will pour water on him who is thirsty,
And floods on the dry ground;
I will pour My Spirit on your descendants,
And My blessing on your offspring;

In the last four weeks, I have seen the Lord do many things.  He is answering long-awaited prayers. He is healing, he is saving and he is setting people free. I have heard testimonies from people of the Lord moving mightily, the glory of the Lord so strong, everyone was on the ground.  Alleluia. The wave is here.

What are we to do? Pray, believe, be willing to be a vessel of God, go through the preparation process with the Lord, ask for an encounter from the Holy Spirit, worship, read the Word, consecrate yourselves, have child-like faith.

This is not a watching of the wave.  We are called to RIDE THE WAVE.  To be willing participants and partners with our Lord to see his kingdom come and his will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.  You know that’s why you’re here, right?  You know you’ve got a call on your life, right? To share the love of Jesus with the world.  Ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Ask for the ones he’s putting on your heart, then move in faith. You will see God move.

And if you don’t know him yet, it’s simple.

The gospel in a nutshell – God loves you and wants a real relationship with you.  His Son, Jesus, is the way to be made right with the Father. Come to Jesus. Forget the church hurt.  Let it go.  It’s only a stumbling block the enemy is using to keep you from knowing who God really is.  The enemy knows God is love.  The enemy knows God will forgive you.  The enemy knows God will heal you. That’s why he keeps the replay running in your mind.  To keep you from the reality that you will be a changed person when you come to Jesus. You will be healed. He will wash all your sins away and you will be made brand-new.  No more tattered clothes in the spirit.  A brand-new robe of righteousness that Jesus will clothe you with. You want it? It’s all yours.  Click here to do that today.

Let’s pray –

Together, we say thank you. Thank you that you would care enough to send your wave of love to us here.  We say, yes.  Invade the world and invade our own lives. We want to see your glory come and cover the earth and are willing to position ourselves as a worker to be used in your harvest field.  We see you at work, Lord.  (If you don’t, ask him now.  It is a prayer he will answer.)  Thank you, Jesus. To the glory of your Name.  Amen, amen, amen. 

Do it. RIDE the Wave! And we will see his kingdom come and his will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

Here’s a word from Christy Johnston on YouTube that was one that confirmed this word. There are many others.  Just google them.

Love you in the Lord.  Our God is faithful!

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